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Plan, launch, grow and develop your podcast with over four decades of broadcasting expertise

We Are Sound Media and we help people just like you to become influential podcasters.

We work with businesses, brands and individuals to create amazing sounding podcasts with a clear strategy and format, to make sure it does exactly what they want it to.

Whether you’re just getting starting or an existing podcaster in need of a boost, we’ll tailor our range of services to come up with exactly the right package for you.

  • Michael Campanella Avatar

    James Marriott at Sound Media provided stellar guidance and quality-of-work for my upcoming podcast. Across over 6 hours of mentorship, we went over everything from streamlining a plan to monetization and even created the trailer. James is incredibly responsive via email and is there as a guide even after the meeting is over. I highly recommend his services to anyone thinking about starting a podcast — the money spent upfront will save you a lot in amateur mistakes along the way, and get your podcast in a professional place right from the get-go.

    Michael Campanella
  • Nathan Angus Avatar

    If you want a podcast or any podcast advice, there is only one person to talk to. James knows everything you need to know technically and so you know the sound quality and production will be top notch. On top of this James has a very personable manner and will always make you and any of your guests feel welcome and at home. The whole process is conducted in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere which will always bring the best results.

    Nathan Angus
  • Jordan Luxford Avatar

    Sound Media guided me through the whole process to getting ready for a Podcast and helped get my Podcast out there, edited, sharpened and fine tuned perfectly.

    Jordan Luxford
  • Frank Meilack Avatar

    James Marriott very successfully produced our first Podcast series ‘The loss of a loved one’ earlier this year. This was very new to us, possibly an industry first and set the bar, but it was the professionalism that James personified in embracing the challenges that many of the participants faced that resulted in a very polished product. I would highly recommend

    Frank Meilack
  • Harry Brooker Avatar

    Really useful and easy to use! Great company with a great service, super glad I came across them 🏆

    Harry Brooker
  • Rachel Weinhold Avatar

    I can’t recommend James highly enough – he’s awesome! Over two sessions with him (1 vitual, 1 face-to-face), he has helped us identify what type of podcast we want to do, check what the competition is like, identify our niche, plan the content calendar, record and publish. At each stage his instructions have been easy to understand, and he took the time to find out what our specific pain points are and address them directly. He removed all the barriers we had put in our way and even patiently put up with our endless jokes. Thanks to James, we now have TWO podcasts published and are feeling immensely smug. If you’ve been thinking of doing a podcast, get James in your corner.

    Rachel Weinhold
  • Anthony Kelly Avatar

    I have had two separate podcast shows over the last 2.5 years and I have also has issues with with quality and sound. I’ve also had some really bad editing service providers in the past.Recently I was recommended to James and I have to say the change in the quality, speed, sound and the overall service I have received has been Exceptional.I have already recommended a friend to James and I would happily do it again. Keep up the great work!

    Anthony Kelly
  • Vincent Yam Avatar

    We highly recommend James.We came to up with an idea and he guided us through this, he was very patient and offered lots of advice.His work is always on time and of high quality.

    Vincent Yam
  • Excel Property Partners Ltd Avatar

    Sound Media’s co-founder James Marriot has been super helpful in both the practical aspects of podcasting. Completing a half-day strategy session on podcasting with James was pivotal in the planning and recording of each episode of the Sheffield’s Hidden Gems podcast.James created a pre-launch trailer for the Sheffield’s Hidden Gems podcast, meaningingful feedback and useful guidance on podcasting!

    Excel Property Partners Ltd
  • Tim Woodson Avatar

    We had already released a pilot series of our podcast when we spoke to James so thought we knew what we were doing but James got us to look at everything in completely new ways. He helped us realise some big format changes which have made massive improvements to the show. He helped us get a clearer understanding of what we wanted our show to be and got us really excited to start on the new series. On top of all that he was open and friendly – an all-round great guy to work with.

    Tim Woodson
  • Steve Dawson Avatar

    James guided me through setting up my Podcast, from soup to nuts, as they say. Knows his onions (for the soup obviously). Seriously, James is ace. Friendly, knowledgable and flexible. Highly recommend James for anyone interested in this media.

    Steve Dawson
  • Maisie Carscadden Avatar

    From start to finish, James was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to ensure the results were of high quality. As a charity, we were unsure if this podcast could be achieved virtually, however James took all of the stress and worries out of this project. Going that extra mile to reassure the team and on hand to answer questions either over email or Zoom.The results surpassed my expectations, both in quality and turn around. Even after completion, James was on hand to advise and assist with further questions. I look forward to working with James on projects in the future!

    Maisie Carscadden
  • Jeanne Hardacre Avatar

    We were amateurs with big ideas! James listened carefully and really got below the surface of what we are trying to achieve with Our Unspoken Truths podcast. He professionalised our whole approach, building on the skills we did have and building our confidence in areas where we are lacking! Down to earth, focused, honest and patient. Great to work with Sound Media.

    Jeanne Hardacre
  • Tyto Law Avatar

    Loved working with James on producing our pods. Very insightful and has helped shape up to be a more professional outfit

    Tyto Law
  • Tom Scott Avatar

    James is the perfect guide through the world of podcasting. Without his guidance on content strategy, editing and production our podcast just would not have worked as well as it did. You need him on your team

    Tom Scott


Podcast Launch Packages

Whether it’s for your business, personal brand, or a little side project, we specialise in helping people get their podcast off the ground. Our Launch packages start at just £350 and feature hands-on one-to-one help to get your show out there to the world. We’ll guide you through the strategy, format, all the knowledge you need, equipment and technical help, recording a trailer, setting up audio hosting and submitting your show to the podcast platforms like Apple and Spotify.

We tailor the best possible launch package to your requirements and situation, so the best next step is to book in a quick call so we can come up with the right solution for you!

We have some four decades of experience working in radio. Audio is pretty much all we know. We live it, we breathe it. If you’re looking for someone to help with the editing and production of your show, look no further.

We work with dozens of podcasters – ranging from taking care of their editing so they can concentrate on their business, right through to producing remote interviews or real-life recording sessions.

One size doesn’t fit all in podcasting, so we prefer to put together a tailored solution personalised to your needs rather than just throwing a price at you – so please get in touch so we can find the best fit for you.

Editing & Production

Podcast Growth & Development 

Knowing how to push your show forward can be difficult. Sometimes you know what you want to achieve, but you’re not sure how to get there… other times you can just start to feel like a content production line, churning out episodes without any clear direction on what you’re looking to achieve.

We can help. Our growth and development packages range from a professional aircheck-style evaluation of one of your episodes through to a full strategic review of your show, including a refocus of your aims and goals.

If you need help moving forward, talk to us.

Our exclusive Premier Package is a full mentoring service, where our founder James personally guides you through the successful launch of your show. We’ll work together on every element of your project, leaving nothing to chance. It really is the ultimate option if you want your podcast launch to be the very best. Spaces on the Premier programme are strictly limited – please enquire for more details. 

Premier Package

Meet the Team


James is the founder of Sound Media and heads up our strategy and development work with clients. He specialises in helping people and brands right at the start of their podcast journey. James started podcasting as a bit of fun while in a radio management role and things spiralled from there. He's got over 20 years of experience in broadcasting and still does a bit of radio work in his spare time

James Marriott


Ellie helps to edit and produce podcast episodes for Sound Media's lovely clients. She worked in the radio industry for 15 years as a producer, music scheduler, presenter and voiceover, creating high quality audio for broadcast. She loves helping people craft a top class podcast so they can really connect with their audience.

Ellie Codling

George-Artboard 2

Geo creates top quality graphic designs for our clients. He's specialised in podcast artwork for a while, and really understands what makes brilliant Podcast Cover Art and other images. He's a freelance graphic designer and founder of his own brand, Lodwick Designs, with clients ranging from big corporates to start-ups and even football clubs!

George Lodwick

Pod Almighty

Pod Almighty

Sound Media's James and Ellie are on a mission to help you make better podcasts. In Pod Almighty, we meet people from across the industry to get their input on a host of different areas of audio creation. Catch up on our episodes so far below and find the video versions on our YouTube channel

Singing The Blues

Singing The Blues

Our founder James is, for his sins, a big Sheffield Wednesday fan. In fact his first ever steps into podcasting were as a guest on a Wednesday podcast. He’s since set up his own with a local football journalist - Singing The Blues - which has a strong focus on audio quality and football-led content.

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