Now it’s easier than ever to have the perfect podcast launch

Launching a podcast is fun – but it can be hard.

Let’s say you’re looking to make some real waves, some major impact. There are so many bases you need to have covered.

For the last couple of years now, I’ve been working directly with people who want to get their launch done right, from the get-go. No false starts, no unexpected delays – they want to get on with it.

And of course that led to the creation of Sound Media this year and I’m really proud of what we do.

But it occurred to me a little while ago that the ‘launch’ package hasn’t really changed since I started doing it in 2019. Essentially, I spend an intensive day working with someone new to podcasting, running through four workshops which result in them having everything in place to get on with recording amazing podcasts.

It’s still the same. A few things have changed and been given a little tweak here and there, but it’s still an intensive one-day one-to-one session.

After a bit of thinking (and talking it over with a couple of great people) I realised that’s a good thing. It means, frankly, it works. The feedback from the sessions is good, the success rate is fantastic, and from my side, as a business model, it also works.

But I know from what happens during the sessions that one size doesn’t fit all. The one-day is just the start, and there’s still plenty of work for the person to do afterwards. Areas like social media, marketing and promotion, and monetisation, are things we ultimately only have chance to touch on.

For some people, they’re really important. We need to offer more.

After working on some ideas for a while, I’m delighted to now have introduced two additional launch packages, meaning Sound Media now offers three tiers of options for prospective podcasters.


Exactly as it is now – a full day working together, on a one-to-one basis, split into four sessions – strategy, academy, trailer and launch.

Strategy is where we nail your full podcast plan.

Academy is all about the training and advice you need to be able to start podcasting.

Trailer is where we script, record, edit and mix together a trailer for your show. 

Launch is about setting up your audio hosting, completing all the settings and descriptions, uploading your trailer, and submitting the show to apps like Spotify and Apple.

There’s also a short follow-up session a couple of weeks afterwards to make sure everything is on track.


This is a new tier, which includes everything as above, plus some new additions.

Artwork – your cover art designed by our in house design team, to an agreed brief so it’s exactly as you want it, delivered by the end of the day

Music – working together to source and licence the ideal music for your show’s audio branding

Editing – your first episode experly mastered and editing by us ready for your launch

Social media – a pro-level social media package including: social strategy meeting with our inhouse social expert, creation of a social strategy document, social posting for your first episode (three posts and image), supercharging your profiles and work to grow your followers for one month

Support – one month of top level personalised support with regular one-to-one coaching sessions


Another new tier, which is based on everything in the Pro package plus

Academy Plus – a bespoke training package including sessions on host training, voice coaching, interview technique, monetisation and podcast technology / equipment

Podcast Growth Plan – a full strategy for how you’ll grow your show

Editing – your first six episodes edited

Social media – an enhanced premier-level social media package, including: social strategy meeting with our inhouse social expert, creation of a social strategy document, three months’ managed social media, five posts per week on all platforms for three months, full graphic design package for the first six episodes, weekly engagement work, paid Facebook ad campaign

Support – three months of top level personalised support with regular one-to-one coaching sessions

At a glance – our new three tiered launch packages

It feels great being able to make these public and the brilliant thing about Sound Media is our set-up gives us so much flexibility with clients. All the education and learning we provide is tailored to the individual – not out of a text book or an online course to click through.

Want the social packages tweaked slightly? No problem. It’s all done inhouse so we can make it match your need.

All of our packages have complete flexibility to fit exactly around you and your needs.

Ready to have a chat? Book in now and let’s talk – no obligation, no hard-sell, I promise.

PS Going it alone and launching your podcast yourself? Hey we still support you. Check out our Pod Almighty episode on how to get over those podcast launch barriers.